TERRAIN / Essays on the New Poetics, eds. David Vichnar & Olga Pek
ISBN 978-80-7308-526-1 (paperback). 208pp
Publication date: December 2014
Price: € 12.00 (not including postage)

Order: paperback Kindle / Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk

Within our global-local environment there reverberates a polyphony of realities that are inter-actual, intersecting, constantly contested, and always in the process of assuming new forms, forming new hybrids, taking new plunges in transversal directions. The essays collected in the present volume have been written in and between London, Paris, Berlin and Prague and first appeared in the arts and poetics magazine VLAK. As such, the essays position themselves “in between”–internationally, interculturally, and intertextually–in order to map the terrain of an emergent poetics.

Contributors include: Guillermo Suarez Ara, Matthew Hall, Louis Armand, Jeroen Nieuwland, David Vichnar & Olga Pek.

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