by Vincent Farnsworth
ISBN 978-80-7308-369-4 (paperback). 100pp.
Publication date: October 2010
Price: € 8.00 (not including postage)

Order: paperback / Kindle

Vincent Farnsworth makes the cacophony of the band-rehearsal next door into a manual for gracefully aging…” –Andrei Codrescu

Brute sage of destiny…” –Tom Clark

Farnsworth adopts a stance and employs a language that constantly evades expectations of easy resolution, recuperates the marginal and unpoetic, exhibits a “spare, reductive intensity” while disabling conventional sign systems founded upon a whole era’s somatic clichés…” –Louis Armand

Vincent Farnsworth was born in rural Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and moved to the Czech Republic in 1994. With Gwendolyn Albert he founded the magazine Jejune: amerika eats its young in 1993. His poetry has appeared in Exquisite Corpse, RealPoetik, the Prague Literary Review, Room Temperature, and Big Bridge. His books include Little Twirly Things (Norton Coker, 1992) and Immortal Whistleblower (Lavender Ink, 2001). Farnsworth also performs as “Reverend Feedback” in the band Blaq Mummy. He has been active in anti-war and human rights activities in Central and Eastern Europe.

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