eds. Pavel Cernovsky & Louis Armand
ISBN 80-7308-171-3 (paperback). 150pp.
Publication date: December 2007
Price: € 10.00 (not including postage)

Order: paperback / Kindle

Contemporary theories of structure demand that we confront the question not only of our technological circumstances, nor simply the technologically inflected character of our various methodologies, but the very technological condition that is discourse, and which terms like ecology, economics, genetics, cosmology and cybernetics describe by facets…

Contributors: Arthur Bradley, Laurent Milesi, Louis Armand, Stephen Dougherty, Roy Ascott, Niall Lucy, Christina Ljungberg, Benjamin H. Bratton.

About the editors:
Louis Armand is director of the Centre for Critical & Cultural Theory in the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University, Prague. His books include Literate Technologies: Language, Cognition, Technicity; Techne: James Joyce, Hypertext & Technology; and Incendiary Devices: Discourses of the Other.

Pavel Cernovsky is a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, Prague, researching “The Limits of Theory / Theory of Limits” in the work of Paul de Man and Jan Mukarovsky at the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University, Prague. He is the coordinator of a group research grant, “Technicity: A New Critical Paradigm?”

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