by Katarzyna Bazarnik

ISBN 978-80-7308-363-2 (paperback) 198pp
Publication date: November 2011
Price: € 8.00 (not including postage)

Order: paperback / Kindle / PDF

The artist’s book emerged in the early decades of the twentieth century in consequence of avant-garde experimentation with the visual qualities of writing, typography and layout, different ways of combining text and image, as well as the form of the book itself. Drawing upon this tradition in the context of the major innovative writings of James Joyce, Bazarnik proposes that Joyce’s work comprises a new literary genre between voice and writing, word and image, ideal and real, abstract and material in the iconic sign of the book, which appears to the reader as a “verbivocovisual polyhedron of scripture.” This new genre is called liberature.

Bazarnik provides new evidence […] and suggests new readings of familiar features. […] The strongest sections of the book look both closely and distantly at Finnegans Wake, sometimes focusing on single letters, at other times zooming out to consider the shape of the whole. […] Bazarnik’s consideration of how Joyce genders materiality shows this ambitious book at its best: tying the text and book back together after decades of unravelling.” –Laura Heffernan, James Joyce Broadsheet

Kasia Bazarnik lectures in the Institute of English Philology and of the Faculty of Philology, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland.

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