by David Vichnar
ISBN 978-80-7308-315-1 (paperback).
Publication date: June 2010
Price: € 15.00 (not including postage)

Order: paperback / Kindle / PDF

“Joyce’s writing is itself theoretical through and through, and much can be gleaned from mapping the developments in Joyce studies that have, in their own variously focused theoretical readings, identified, analyzed, evaluated and creatively re-enacted the crucial gestures of Joyce’s texts.”

This study sets out to map the genealogy of a possible location of “Joyce” and “theory” in present-day James Joyce studies, demonstrating how the encounter between Joyce and theory changes the what and the how of reading, producing both a Joyce-again of theory and Joyce-inflected theory.

Studies such as Vichnar’s are not only desirable for students new to theoretical Joyce, they are necessary. […] Vichnar has done what few critics are willing to do and has produced a book that presents an overview of Joyce theory with the necessary critical perspicacity to grant equal worth to each of these approaches. […] It is precisely in historicising the debates around theoretical Joyce that Vichnar’s book is most important.” (Arthur Rose, James Joyce Broadsheet)

David Vichnar is the editor of the online journal Hypermedia Joyce Studies, and of the essay collections Hypermedia Joyce (with Louis Armand; 2010), Thresholds: Essays on the International Prague Poetry Scene (edited, 2011) and, most recently, Praharfeast: James Joyce in Prague (with Michael Groden & David Spurr;  2012) 


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