eds. Clare Wallace & Ondrej Pilný
ISBN 80-7308-103-2 (paperback). 220pp.
Publication date: February 2006

Price: € 12.00 (not including postage)

Order: paperback / Kindle

Global Ireland brings together a selection of critical essays from the Prague 2005 IASIL Conference, by the leading critics of Irish Literature writing today. Contributors include Richard Kearney, Thomas Docherty, Jose Lanters, Jason King, and Rajeev Patke.

Clare Wallace is an associate professor at Charles University and at the University of New York, Prague. She has published on Joyce, Marina Carr, Patrick McCabe and contemporary Irish and British drama. She is a member of the EFACIS steering committee, and president of the Czech Irish Studies Association. She is the managing editor of HJS (Hypermedia Joyce Studies) and an advisory editor of Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge.

Ondrej Pilný is Director of the Centre for Irish Studies, Prague, and editor of From Brooke to Black Pastoral: Six Studies in Irish Literature and Culture. He is the author of Irony and Identity in Irish Drama.

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